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How it Began

The idea of this company was born in an airport. The founder, Jennie Lane, is also an animal behaviorist. Keep reading to learn why an animal behaviorist would get involved in organizing!
Jennie Lane headshot

When Jennie entered a new space as a child, she often thought about how she might rearrange things. She thought of space as a three-dimensional puzzle. When not reorganizing her possessions, Jennie spent her time with animals. As an adult, she studied psychology and pursued a career with animals. She specialized in behavior because she loved solving the puzzle the animal’s behavior presented.

One day, while in a bookstore, she noticed an intriguing book about Feng Shui. After reading it, she looked for more books on related topics. She found The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Jennie applied the KonMari Method® to her own home. She enjoyed the process of transforming her space and loved how relaxed she felt, surrounded only by what brought her joy. However, the positive effect of the book and method did not end there. Over time, Jennie considered how the method could be applied to other parts of life. She continues to apply the method to inform decisions, such as how to budget time and spend money. Jennie feels very committed to sustainability and loves how tidying can help people focus on using what they already have instead of buying more stuff.

While traveling through an airport for her animal behavior work, she saw a television. The TV show explained that people could become certified KonMari Consultants and help bring the magic of tidying to others. It was like time stood still for a moment, and all the noise around her faded into the distance. Jennie wasn’t sure how, but she knew this was important. She accepted that she didn’t need to understand why it was significant at that moment, just that it was.

A few years later, she realized many animal behavior clients were overwhelmed. They were overwhelmed by their pet’s behavior, but often other parts of their lives too. Many of them also endured a cluttered home. It was then that the calling became clear. Jennie knew it was time to take the step of becoming a KonMari consultant.

Now, she splits her time between helping pets and helping people live their ideal lives. It is a beautiful way to share her experience with behavior change and education in psychology. She also loves passing on wisdom gained from raising two boys, moving houses frequently during her husband’s military career, and keeping everything organized along the way!


What's in a name?

There are many cultural interpretations of what a graceful Dragonfly represents.

It is part of our name because of its association with transformation and self-realization.

The beautiful Lotus flower also means different things to people across the planet. We included it in our name because it rises from murky water to bloom in the sun. This journey of transcendence and strength mirrors what we offer to our clients.